2:54 – 2:54

2_54Released: 2012
Bought: 2012, Christmas present
Rating: 53

I was given this album for Christmas, and the first couple of times I listened to it I quite enjoyed it. But then I put it back on the shelf and didn’t pay any attention to it again until now. And, hearing it with fresher ears, I’ve realised why: it all sounds the same.

The sound they’ve hit on is a decent one, and they do have a couple of pretty good songs (especially the first two), but the album doesn’t half start to drag. Lots of bands have a sound that defines them – one that they focus on and perfect over time – but the really good ones still manage to remain interesting and credible. Unfortunately, 2:54 aren’t one of those bands, or at least they’re not yet. This album is all the same pace, with the same textures and very few memorable melodies.

At the moment, 2:54 seem to be a band who are more style over substance. Hopefully they focus on the songs a bit more in the future.


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