Cable – When Animals Attack

CableReleased: 1997
Bought: Reckless Records, Chicago, 2013
Rating: 79

I wish I’d discovered Cable when I was going through my Idlewild/Symposium/emo phase in sixth form, because I know that they would probably have become one of my favourite bands and this one of my favourite albums. As it is, I only heard about these for the first time when I bought tickets for the recent Hundred Reasons/Hell Is For Heroes reunion gigs. After being impressed by them during their half hour slot in November, I picked up When Animals Attack earlier this year from a Chicago second hand record shop for the princely sum of 99 cents.

It turns out it’s one of the best 99 cents I’ve ever spent. This is a really good album, and is one that more people really should have been exposed to when it came out (and by “more people” I mean me and my mates). It’s gloriously ragged and scrappy, and packed with hooks and character. Like early Idlewild or Seafood, this album is a great example of of how to be noisy without losing the tunes.

As well as the two aforementioned bands, there are also shades of Symposium in here, and a little bit of Dookie-era Green Day (especially the “Pulling Teeth”-aping harmonies on “Freeze The Atlantic”), but the quality of their songs means they’ve transcended these influences and created a cracking album that’s a lot of fun to listen to.

This record gets better every time I hear it. I just wish I’d heard it a lot sooner.


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