The Acorn – Glory Hope Mountain

AcornReleased: 2007
Bought: Unknown
Rating: 55

I’m not sure when or why I got this one. But I did get it and, as will probably be the case for lots of the albums I’m listening to as part of this project, I can’t remember listening much to it since.

Apparently this is a concept album, based on the life of the singer’s Honduran mother, with the band trying to include traditional music from that country into their sound. This sets the album apart from records released by other Canadian bands at the time, but sometimes does just feel like window dressing. It also means that, in places, they come across as a substandard Animal Collective.

The strongest song on here by far is “Crooked Legs”, and it’s one of the few times the marriage of indie rock and world music really works. Much of the rest of the album is a little inconsistent and dull however, never reaching the heights of “Crooked Legs”, and the singer’s voice (a below par George Harrison) starts to grate after a while.

The impression I get from this record is that the band were trying hard to make a really “important” album, but it never gets there.


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