Talkdemonic – Beat Romantic

talkdemonicReleased: 2007
Bought: Amazon, 2007
Rating: 48

When I started working at Salford, one of my many exciting jobs was scanning old documents and archiving them. As you’d expect, this was pretty boring, so I’d spend much of my day browsing anything and everything on the internet. After I’d learned everything I needed to know (and more!) about the tallest buildings in the world and micronations, I turned my attention to music reviews and decided to add everything that had four stars or more on Tinymixtapes to my Amazon wishlist. I think I only ended up buying a couple of themBeat Romantic was one of them and it put me off buying any more.

This album is all instrumental, with most of the songs sticking to a template of looped strings and guitars over processed beats. As a result, despite it sounding very nice in places, it’s quite boring. It’s meandering and quite tame and it just completely washes over me. There are a couple of tracks that are a bit meatier, such as “Bering” or the Mogwai-like “Mountain Cats”, but the rest just passes me by.

Beat Romantic sounds to me like a soundtrack to an unmade film. It feels like there’s something missing, and this music would really benefit from being played over something visual. As it is though, it’s just a bit plain.


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