About Alphabet Albums

I decided to go through my CD collection alphabetically by artist and listen to an album by an artist whose name begins with each letter, taking the first one from A, the first one from B and so on. Then, once I’ve gone all the way through from A to Z, I’ll go through again until, eventually, I’ve listened to all of them. I predict I’ll run out of steam, but it’s worth a go.

Then I thought I might as well write something about each one as I listen to it and share my incredibly important thoughts with the world. In each review, I’ll include the year it was released, my dead scientific rating, and I’ll try and remember where and when I got it. I use the word “review” loosely – they will probably be a bit crap, but nobody will read this anyway.

As I’ll go through the alphabet more than once, the XX and Zwan albums are probably going to feature quite heavily. Look away now.


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